Restaurant Review: North River Lobster Company

Breakfast in Bed(stuy)As a Brooklynite, I don’t often go up beyond 42nd St. I, for one, try to avoid Times Square like the plague. And let’s be honest, (at least for me), anything past 8th avenue is no man’s land. But this past weekend, I found the perfect reason to make the hike up and over to the Hudson.

Recently opened, the North River Lobster Company is not your average restaurant, but rather a floating one at that. Located at 12th Avenue and 41st street at Pier 81, you’ll step on board to find three levels of seating, each with its own bar serving some great seafood and inventive cocktails.


* We made the mistake of seating on the lowest level so take my advice, get there early, find yourself a table on the top level, get some drinks and dig into some really good food.


In terms of food, you really can’t go wrong with any of their menu items. We decided to share the peel and eat shrimp, which were perfectly cooked and a nice appetizer. And for my lunch entrée, I had to go with the lobster roll!


Now, I’m by no means a lobster roll connoisseur, but you want a good ratio of lobster to mayo, a nice buttered bun, and a good amount of lobster meat. This lobster roll was perfect in that regard – massive claw meat, good mayo ratio held with nice crunch of the lettuce and celery. It’s served with chips and a nice homemade coleslaw. And best of all, it’s affordably priced.


And, don’t expect to be bobbing alongside a dock while you enjoy your meal. This is a fully functioning boat and about five times a day, the restaurant takes off down the Hudson for about 45 minutes. You can find the times here.

I got to say, this might be my new favorite place on the West Side. I’m a sucker for a good skyline and being out on the water is truly my happy place! With the summer we’ve been having in New York, it’s the ideal retreat from blazing heat! The food is great – I’ll never say no to a lobster roll and its not your usual dining experience.

It’s the perfect amount of time for a quick jaunt out on the river while cracking open a lobster, enjoying some nice cold beers and taking in the views.

Head out there before the rest of New York finds this hidden gem! 

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