Oyster Po’Boy


Happy Saturday all! The weather is beautiful here in New York and I think spring has finally sprung! I’m ready for beach days and cookouts after a long snow-filled winter…

While I’m not looking forward to 100+ degree weather that I have a feeling will be most of our July and August days, I am excited for summertime foods… nice cold beers on the roof, BBQs, lobster rolls… I’m ready! And one of my favorite summer foods are po’boy sandwiches, filled with everything from fried shrimp to oysters!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Oysters

These past few months I’ve started a full on love affair with oysters and while I love them in a variety of different ways, I have yet to try my hand at making this classic sandwich at home. As I recently learned, po’boys are a southern classic, most commonly associated with Louisiana. The popular story goes that a restaurant in New Orleans served these sandwiches free of charge to streetcar employees on strike and jokingly referring to them as “poor boys.” The sandwiches soon took on this name as well and in the local dialect, shortened to ‘po’boy.’

Another fun fact — fried oyster sandwiches in the 1800s were called “oyster loaves,’ ‘peacemakers’ or “La Mediatrice.”

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Oyster Po'Boy

For this sandwich, I tossed the shucked oysters in some spices and cornmeal and pan fried them. I added a little more spice using “Comeback” sauce which a fellow foodie had sent me last summer. It’s spicy and tangy and went perfect on this sandwich! A little tomato and lettuce on some Cuban or French bread and you’ve got yourself a great summertime sandwich!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Oyster Po'Boy 

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