Brooklyn to Manhattan and Back… Walking the Williamsburg / Manhattan / Brooklyn Bridges


I know, I know a cooking blog and a post about bridges… But hear me out…

As a transplant to New York, I’m always looking for activities in which to discover more of the city. And I gotta say, as a tourist or long time resident, I’ve found walking one of these three bridges from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back to be a fun Sunday morning activity… A little exercise while taking in stunning views of New York and the gritty city scape (graffiti abounds), what more could you ask for?

First up, the Brooklyn bridge —  1.1 miles long and completed in 1883. It’s about 3.1 miles roundtrip and most easily accessible on the Brooklyn side by the A/C at High Street.

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Brooklyn BridgeBreakfast in Bed(stuy) / Brooklyn Bridge_2

The Brooklyn bridge is probably the most well known. In the summertime the pedestrian walkways and bike lanes are packed with tourists and the like. The bridge is beautiful, both it’s architecture as well as its views of lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tour. And Brooklyn bridge park is gorgeous with a little beach and carousel. It’s one of my favorite places in Brooklyn.

Plus nearby on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, Almar, an amazing Italian restaurant, serves up delicious brunch and lunch items, and I’ve heard Pedros is great! And for dessert, indulge your sweet tooth at One Girl Cookies!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / One Girl Cookies

Next up, the Manhattan bridge — 1.3 miles and completed in 1909. It’s about 3.4 miles roundtrip with a recommended jaunt around Chinatown and Little Italy! Take the F to York St for access to the bridge on the Brooklyn side.

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Manhattan Bridge Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Manhattan Bridge_1

This bridge is far more grittier than the Brooklyn Bridge. The pedestrian and bike lanes run parallel to the train tracks over the bridge with cars overhead. It’s a bit unsettling and a tad loud when trains pass by, but all in all a cool atmosphere that adds to the experience. I’m strangely a sucker for graffiti and chain link fences, btw.

And finally the Williamsburg bridge, which may be my favorite of the three! It’s 1.38 miles and was completed in 1902. It’s about 3.6 miles roundtrip — we walked from Bedford Ave off the L to the bridge and back with another little mini trip around Chinatown.

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Williamsburg Bridge Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Williamsburg Bridge_1

It was a good walk and strangely the majority of the walking seems to be on the bridge over ground versus over water. It goes on for a while! The pedestrian walkways on this bridge seem to be laid out the best — with wide paths and nice alcoves for stopping to enjoy views. I enjoyed the graffiti on this bridge the best as well!

Anyway, over the past couple weeks this is how I’ve been spending my Sundays… when it’s not snowing and a polar vortex of course! I’d definitely recommend going when its not unbearably cold. It’s a great spring, summer, fall activity and completely free (except if you stop for food along the way in Brooklyn or Manhattan, which I highly suggest though!). 

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