Thank you for reading my posts here at Breakfast in Bed(stuy). This blog is such a passion of mine and as a result, I wanted to give you all a little bit of background on my love of food and cooking!

Growing up, food was always a pleasure and a comfort, but I thought that’s all it could be.  How wrong was I?! It’s really taken me 24 years to fully embrace and realize how much I love it (and this blog is a big part of that).

When I was little, my dad would wake me up every morning for school and ask what I wanted for dinner. We always had spaghetti on Monday nights and pizza delivered on Fridays. The days in between, I would help my dad shop for groceries after school and help prepare whatever we had decided for dinner. During my formative years, these meals were never very elaborate, but I just loved being in the kitchen and helping in anyway I could.

 Here I am as a baby with some cupcakes!


On Sundays, we would go out with my parents to a restaurant in town. For many years, this was consistently Red Tomato in Bethesda (where fun fact we befriend Egyptian waiter Rami… If anyone is surprised about my love of foreign men, look no further). I grew up in a town/city with more restaurants per square mile than people (apparently), so while we might have rarely strayed from our favorites, there was a whole world of dining possibilities.

I grew up spending a week on Cape Cod in Provincetown every summer. I fell in love with lobsters that I learned to crack all by myself by the age of 10! Clambakes and BBQs by the beach while running around with friends on the dunes are memories I hold close to this day.


In upstate New York with my grandparents, we played the “clean plate club” game, hurrying to finish plates of my grandmother’s (albeit) simple) Austrian home cooking. At dusk, we would bring bags of corn down the road near the railroad tracks to feed the deer.


For birthdays, our cakes were always elaborate tableaus – rolling hills of cake depicting the Sound of Music (Maria Von Trapp with a glued on plastic guitar and a mish mash of Disney figurines as stand ins for the Von Trapp children); a cake built around a toy pirate ship with Peter Pan and Captain Hook fighting on its bows… all to go along with our elaborately themed birthday parties, of course!

 What 5 year old decides to have a Sound of Music themed birthday party?!


Even at eighteen, I asked for a Paris themed birthday cake and it was hands down amazing!


And of course, Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday purely for the food! I’ve talked before of how I grew up helping my dad cook the feast for the day and graduated to cooking the majority of it before high school!


And as I got older and my interest in film and television was peaked, I found myself (and my voice) in college at Emerson through editing and producing a cooking show for our television station. Through “College Kitchen,” I met some of my best friends and networked with some pretty awesome chefs and restaurants in Boston. My senior year I worked for a local cooking video website, being exposed to more home cooks and chefs, who continued to inspire me! And suddenly every paper and video project I did seemed to always go back to cooking in some form or another!

(a little rough but I am still proud of this!)

And it wasn’t just in my professional and academic life that food took a hold, but in my personal life as well! (Which came first the chicken or the egg… I’m not sure, but probably in tandem).


Many years ago, I fell in love with a French-Algerian boy (Yacine) in Paris who introduced me to lavish French pastries. (He’s now a baker). I began sampling more cuisines from around the world, adding Middle Eastern and Arab flavors to my palate.

barnard and paris 345

After Yacine, navigating the dating world, I’m once again discovering the beauty of getting to know someone and their culture through their food and the joy that brings people to share their food memories with you. Being cooked for by someone (and cooking with them as well) is pretty great! And being able to share my love of food with someone is incredible!


(You know, I often ask myself if I could ever date a vegan or even someone who didn’t love food as passionately as I do… Don’t think I could!)

And I will say, around this time of my descent into being a foodie, my dad started cooking more. Visiting home on breaks from school suddenly meant we would have incredible home cooked meals! And funny enough, my brother (who had flirted with cooking since high school) started working in restaurant kitchens… there must have been something in the water!

But honestly still even though food and cooking has consistently made me the most happiest, I thought it was a fad, a pastime and hobby that would soon fade. But it hasn’t to this day, if anything, it’s only gotten stronger. Moving to New York and working at my company where everyday, I learn something new about food and culture (and making this blog my own) has meant the world to me!

And looking back on it, I see food has always been a big part of my life and how I connect with the people I love and the world around me.

But really at the heart of this blog – I’m just a gal navigating the post-grad world who loves to cook and eat! I have some crazy culinary dreams and aspirations (cooking a dish from around the world, hey!… DIY bacon anyone?). And I got some grand hopes for what this blog can become and I hope to work toward those in the next year! Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but no matter what I’m eating some amazingly delicious meals, learning something new and having a blast along the way.

This blog has been a personal project and it’s been great fun. I hope no matter who you are or how you may stumble across it, it is an enjoyable read to say the least! Keep reading my adventures and coming back for more, cause I got some great dishes planned that I can’t wait to share with you all! 

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