Shrimp Scampi… Dare I Say? The Best Shrimp Scampi!


Last week from my CSF from Mermaid Garden, I received a pound of wild pink Florida shrimp (from the Florida Keys and sent to BK by Tommy at Frenchy’s). I decided to make shrimp scampi and it was hands down the best shrimp scampi (if I do say so myself).

The shrimp, which I dredged in flour and sautéed, were perfect with a slight crunch while still tender. The sauce added a sweet tangy acidity to the shrimp! (Maybe sweeter than a normal scampi but I blame my choice of wine… but I did like it!).

And while I could have used spaghetti or linguine, I chose to serve the shrimp tossed in the sauce Amish noodles. Don’t ask me how these noodles are “Amish” other than the fact that they were made in Amish country — a foodie pen pal Jenny sent them to me a few weeks ago and they paired wonderfully with the scampi.

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Shrimp Scampi

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Shrimp Scampi Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Shrimp Scampi

I adapted this recipe from one on All Recipes entitled “Absolutely the Best Shrimp Scampi Recipe” and I can confidently say it was really the absolute best!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Shrimp Scampi 

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