Magic Microwave Chocolate Cake!


Time for a little story…. one where Kati (again!) makes a super good recipe but forgets an ingredient! (In my defense, I tend to cook spontaneous recipes when stressed so we will blame my forgetfulness on that). (I mean that whole making pavlova four times was not my fault!!).

Back in February, I was home in Maryland for a work trip. After many great meals with my Dad and Mark, I decided to wow them with a dessert recipe I’d recently found. I had been perusing Good Food Gourmet‘s blog, falling in love with her recipes and intrigued by her international background (Greek parents raised in Egypt, herself born in Brazil and growing up in Australia). Anyway, I loved her Double Chocolate Mug Cake and decided to try it. I mean… a cake made in under two minutes in a microwave, come on!

At that point, in my Brooklyn apartment I neither had my grand collection of ramekins with me nor a microwave and so using the parent’s fully stocked kitchen seemed like the best idea (hence the decision to wow them!).

All went well – the cake turned out great and with a little vanilla ice cream it was a great dessert. Mark was very skeptical on how a cake could be baked in a microwave in 2 minutes — but he was converted and very impressed!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Magic Microwave Chocolate Cake

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Magic Microwave Chocolate Cake

Later on, (in February mind you), when formatting the recipe and photos to post to this blog, I realized I had forgotten a major ingredient – two egg yolks! (I didn’t forget either baking soda or powder this time guys!) But, being the perfectionist I am, I decided not to lie and post it without redoing the recipe… which brings us to my second attempt at this recipe (this time adding two egg yolks).

While originally this spawned from my forgetfulness and inability to read a recipe, I choose to see this as a great science experiment! What does adding two egg yolks do to this recipe?! (Because truthfully, sans egg yolks, it was great!).

Here’s the second magic microwave chocolate cake with two egg yolks as I now live in a Brooklyn kitchen with my collection of ramekins AND a microwave!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Magic Microwave Chocolate Cake

Breakfast in Bed(stuy) / Magic Microwave Chocolate Cake

I found this great post about eggs in baking from Chasing Delicious (another blog I love!), including an awesome info graphic. In terms of baked goods, adding egg yolks adds flavor and color (a glossiness?), but also helps to thicken and bind producing a richer, denser baked good.

While my first attempt was edible (and quite good), it definitely needed the two egg yolks, which made a creamy, richer cake. (No figure!). But seriously, go make this cake – the portion size is great and it can be done in a microwave!

And I should note that I used a crazy hi-tech microwave the first time – (a microwave/oven combo) and then baked the second cake in a good old fashioned oven. So if you do make this cake and use a microwave, let me know how it turns out! 

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