Embracing it!

Breakfast in Bed(stuy)Julia Child once said, “Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything.” Now, while I may have fallen in love with movies and television at a young age (a love strong enough that I’m hoping to make a career of it), cooking and food (and the joy it brings) has always been a constant in my life – with fond memories of spaghetti and meatballs on Monday nights growing up… or epic thanksgiving dinners where I confidently held the position of sous-chef… or eating my way through Paris one chou à la crème at a time.

But it wasn’t until a few years ago – on my own at college, cooking for myself and discovering Boston’s best restaurants – that I realized, like Julia, cooking is one of the few things that makes me undeniably happy. When I’m having a bad day or stressed and can’t think straight, it is the kitchen where I feel most relaxed – giving in to the catharsis that accompanies chopping and dicing and preparing a meal from scratch. And while I may not be the greatest cook or baker (as my brother, the aspiring chef in the family, is quick to note), I am curious and passionate and looking to learn.

But its not just cooking… or eating… that brings a smile to my face but reading about restaurants and chefs and techniques. It’s ODing on episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. It’s following Anthony Bourdain on twitter to get a glimpse into his extraordinary travels. And it’s keeping up to date on the latest culinary trends in Boston. I dream of editing television cooking shows and would give anything to stag in a professional kitchen just for one day. I just can’t get enough!

And even if those dreams do not come true (knock on wood!), I’d be content just surrounding myself with good food… and foodies….

And so I’ve decided to document my adventures in cooking, to master culinary skills that I lack… and am itching to try… and to expand my range of gourmet tricks (so that when my handsome prince comes to sweep me off my feet, I can wow him with a 5-course meal). Further… as I can’t just up and go to culinary school, a hands on, self taught culinary education sounds like the next best thing! So, following the guidance of the Culinary Institute of America’s bible (The New Professional Chef) and inspired by James Peterson’s What’s a Cook to Do?, and Michelle Cranston’s Kitchen: Best of the Best, I will fillet fish and make jamabalya and really do anything else my heart desires. 

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