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Breakfast in Bed(stuy)

Originally I started this list fall, 2011 with the goal of completing a “bucket list” of 101 things in 1001 days. My end goal date of July 28th 2014 has come and gone with many items crossed off and a ton more still to go. I’ve updated this list and will try to complete a new set of 101 things (some new and some from my previous list) by May 25, 2017.

Food & Drink

Learn to make 5 classic cocktails

Drink 10 new cocktails (Sidecar, Monaco, Ligonberry Martini @ Seasonal, Honey Badger, French Martini, Season Finale, Son of a Peach @ Onegin)

Make a list of my 10 favorite restaurants in New York

Eat at one of Michael Symon’s restaurants

Work in a restaurant kitchen

Take a cooking class in 3 different countries

Identify my signature dish, a go-to for parties

Recipe swap with family/friends

Try absinthe

Eat at the Girl and the Goat in Chicago

Don’t eat out for any meal for 2 weeks

Make every recipe in one of Mark Bittman’s books

Make a favorite recipe of my grandmother/grandfather

Throw a dinner party once every 2 months for a year (1. 12/4/11 – Jubilee)

Eat at 10 food trucks in New York

Eat mushrooms that were gathered in the wild

Write a cookbook of family recipes

Harvest crabs, mussels or oysters

Eat pizza at the OG Grimaldi’s

Volunteer at a farmer’s market



Go pumpkin-picking

See a movie at a drive-in

Visit New Orleans

Go camping

Go hiking

Sleep under the stars

Visit Iceland

Visit Spain

Visit Montreal

Learn to sail

Straddle state lines

Go kayaking (Burlington, VT 7/5/15)

Go mini golfing

See an outdoor movie during the summer (Die Hard in July at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Go to the batting cages

Celebrate my 26th birthday in another country or state

Go fishing

Visit Montauk

Spend a day exploring and photographing my neighborhood

Go whale watching

Take a road trip to at least 6 states

Go to the top of the Washington Monument

Explore the Boston Harbor Islands



Get my picture taken with Santa

Watch the best picture winners of the past 20 years – (Unforgiven, Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump, Braveheart, The English Patient, TitanicShakespeare in LoveAmerican BeautyGladiator, A Beautiful Mind, ChicagoLOTR: Return of the King, Million Dollar Baby, Crash, The Departed, No Country for Old Men, SlumdogThe Hurt LockerThe King’s SpeechThe ArtistArgo)

Watch Pulp Fiction, the Godfather trilogy, Reservoir Dogs

See three movies at the movie theater in one day

Listen to a new artist every day for a month

Listen to all the albums AOL’s on 10 Albums to Listen to Before You Die

Listen to the Carpenter’s greatest hits – Dad

Buy a piece of original art

Paint pottery

Learn urban beekeeping

See a film at a famous film festival

Join a bocce ball league



Meditate daily for 30 days

Learn conversational Italian

Become educated on music (classic bands to know etc)

Learn to read music

Read all the books I currently own but haven’t yet read

Read at least 10 books from the Modern Library 100 Best Novels

Watch 10 movies in 10 different languages

Ask 20 friends to recommend a book and read them all (started 9/19/12)

Write a piece for thought catalog

Learn how to change a tire



Take vitamins daily for one month

Get a hot stone or deep tissue massage

Run at least a mile without feeling like I’m going to die

Be professionally fitted for bras – & buy nice ones that fit as a result!

Drink 3 glasses of water everyday for a month

Have a full day at the spa and get every treatment I want

Take a yoga class

Donate blood

Lose at least 15 lbs.

Take a kickboxing class

Complete a bike race

Bike the length of Manhattan



Buy myself fresh flowers once a month

Say yes to 10 things I’m initially inclined to say no to

Treat parents out to a nice dinner out

Spend under $10 on a meal & give a $10 tip

Decorate apartment with family/childhood photos

Get to know neighbors in apartment building

Give flowers to someone

Make a list of things I’m grateful for / that make me happy

Keep a journal for a year

Send a just because care package to a friend

Write to Joann once a month for 12 months

Give only handmade (or homemade) gifts for a year

Plant a vegetable or flower garden

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day



Learn to use Photoshop

Learn to use After Effects

Learn how to use my camera in manual mode

Take a photo everyday for a year

Spend a day exploring and photographing my neighborhood

Take shooting lessons at a firing range

Learn to drive stick shift

Save at least $2,000

Test drive a luxury car


And what I’ve accomplished thus far!

Learn to make homemade bread.

Eat bone marrow (or make at home) (@ Eastern Standard on 11/2/11) (New Year’s Eve Dinner 12/31/12)

Learn to make homemade pasta.

Host Thanksgiving dinner

Join a CSA (Does a CSF count?)

Try 10 new beers (Blue Moon @ Church, Allagash White @ Picco, Red Stripe @ Parish Cafe, Wild Flower Wheat, Sam Adams Summer @ Sweetwater, PBR @ Hard Times Cafe, Marzen @ Gordon Biersch, BBC Steel Rail @ Sweet Cheeks, Post Road Pumpkin Ale @ Foley’s, Blueberry Wheat at Belfry, Dogfish 90 IPA at Belfry)

Make a list of my 10 favorite restaurants in Boston – (In no particular order: 1. Sibling Rivalry 2.Sweet Cheeks 3. Spice and Rice 4. The Pour House 5. Sweetwater 6. Eastern Standard 7. Mass Ave Tavern 8. Saus 9. Jacob Wirth’s 10. Bukowski’s)

Go on a picnic

Go to a wine tasting (Graduation Trip to San Fran/Napa Valley 2012) / toured a winery in Brooklyn 


Learn to make coffee at home (12/10/12 in upstate NY)

Make a cheesecake

Try a food from my childhood that I’ve always thought I hated – Brussels Sprouts

Go to a beer garden (Radegast in Williamsburg… great place for a party!)


Make 10 new recipes (1. Sweet Potato Spoon Bread, 2. Panna Cotta, 3. Braised Short Ribs, 4. Scones 5. Madelines 6. Stuffed Mushrooms 7. Stuffed Shells 8. Pralines 9. Artichoke Flatbread, 10. Potato Leek Soup)

Don’t eat out for any meal for 2 weeks

Go apple-picking and/or berry-picking (10.27.13)


Go to a Mets or Yankees game (Mets Game 6/14 Mets vs. Cubs)


*Bonus – went to a Brooklyn Nets Game in continuing my New York sports theme. Got to see Kevin Garnet and Paul Pierce, former Celtics players now Nets players… they followed me from Boston to BK, what can I say?


See the Statue of Liberty up close


Explore Governor’s Island and/or Randall’s Island

Learn to properly eat with chopsticks 12/23/12 (I think I finally got the hang of it!)


Attend a live taping of a TV show (late night or talk show) – SNL Premiere with Tina Fery and Arcade Fire 9/28


Late Night with Seth Meyers!


Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!


Learn the rules of football (for real) – first Jets game!


Watch Wimbledon or another tennis grand slam start to finish — still on my list, but I went to the U.S Open on 9/2/13. Will have now been to 2 tennis Grand Slams in my lifetime thus far!


Blog consistently for 1 year

Get a Bikini wax

Send/receive 10 postcards via postcrossing.com (Signed up 9/19/12, Completed 1/19/13)


Send Christmas cards to friends/family

Unsubscribe myself from all the email lists that clutter my inbox

Buy my first lottery ticket

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